200WT Specials. 3.

I can’t remember the exact theme, but it was something along the lines of, Note, or Letter.

The Note part 1

I wait for my train as another rushes by causing a draft. A small piece of crumpled paper falls into my lap. It’s a phone number with the name, Jenny, a torrent of painful memories flood my mind of the girl I once loved, the one I let slip away. I screw it up and throw it aside. I didn’t want to remember.

In my office I’m sorting through a pile of work and a mountain of discarded notes. I quickly glance over them… and there it was again. I must have unknowingly carried it with me. I put it in the bin with the other waste.

On the journey home fumble for a tissue from my pocket, now I hold it in my hand a third time. I’ve thrown it away twice! I open the window and slip it out. This time it’s gone.

Back at home, pondering the mystery. I close the fridge door… and there it is, tucked behind a magnet. What the hell? I wanted to rip it up, the pain it was causing me. Instead I hold my phone tempted to call the number. I’m ready to type it in… until the number called me…

The Note part 2

I’m out with the girls to let off steam. I root through my bag for some change and I find a small crumpled note. A number with a mans name, Michael. That name haunting me; of a man I used to know. “You alright Jen?”

“Yes I’m fine. Come on we’re celebrating, Its not everyday a girl is happily divorced.” I discard the note and forget about it.

Next afternoon, worse for wear, I reach for a tissue and find myself holding the note again. Confused, I get up for a closer look before flushing it away with everything I drank the night before.

Following day, returning a library book I remove a piece of paper used as a bookmark, it’s impossible, it was the note! Now I’m freaking out. I rip it up and dump it in a bin.

At home I clip a letter to the notice board, I gasp as I see it stuck to the corner. This was a cruel joke. Michael was my first love but it all went wrong, he’s the man I should have married. Some hours later I dare to enter the number on my phone. It couldn’t it be him, surely?

The Note part 3

The number in my phone was the same as the note. With my heart racing, I answer the call. After a silence I hear a woman’s voice, timid yet familiar. “…Hello?” she said. “Erm…who is this please?”

“Oh my god…Michael?”

My heart stopped, my mind was blank; this couldn’t be real. “Jenny?” She sobs. “Michael Baker? Is it really you?”

“Yes… Jenny Lawson?”

“Yes its me! Oh my god!”

“But, but how?…”

“Is this really happening?”

“I think so. How did you…get my number?”

“You won’t believe me.”

“Please tell me.”

“…I’ve been, followed by this piece of paper…with you’re number on it… Its so good to hear you’re voice again.” I had to sit down. Speechless. “Are you there?” she said.

“Yes, sorry, erm, how’s Luke?”

“We’re divorced…and you?”

“Erm…she…she died.”

“Oh I’m so sorry.”

“No, no its ok, we, we didn’t really get along.”

“…I made a big mistake.”

“So did I, and I am so sorry.”

“I married Luke… it should have been you.”

“Where are you?”

“I’ve just moved in to a new place?”

“Where? Please tell me, I’ll come right over. Hello? Jenny?” There was a faint knock at my door. I slowly approach and turn the handle.

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