Erotic. (well, sort of)

Welcome to my sexy page. The stories you’ll find here will be classified under the  category of erotic, well, sort of.

Here I’ll be sharing the perverted tails that fly through my head from time to time. They will cover a variety of subjects within the erotic genre. Some will be ordinary, others will be dark, some may be unusual and others will be venturing into the controversial.

On my blog there’s a story called My Very First. I put it there as a taster of what to find in these pages for your filthy, or sensual entertainment and I may even include the occasional poem or two.

So, stock up on the kleenex and get your pants down. Turn the phone off and for fuck sake lock the bloody door! (Unless of course you want some one to walk in on you during a magical moment.)

Proceed with caution. I don’t hold back and I don’t apologise for anything.



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