When Sharon Called.

Things had just gotten back to a stable state of normality after Shelly did the dirty on me. Back to a comfortable single life, the apartment to myself, the freedom to what ever I wanted, bliss. Saturday afternoon alone with my CDs and a few beers, I couldn’t be any happier.

I went to the fridge for a refill, when someone knocked and entered.

“Andy?” came the female voice.


“Its Sharon. Just thought I’d pop in.”

“You wanna beer?”

“Ooh go on then.” I stepped out from the kitchen and froze. Time stood still as my brain took a detailed study of my visitor. Sharon, a total babe, one of the girls I’d do almost anything to fuck, was standing there at the front door like a vision of heaven. Her long dark hair in a ponytail through the back of a white baseball cap, a ridiculously tight white crop top, squeezing her full pert tits together creating a mesmerising cleavage, the absence of a bra was most evident as her semi hard nipples were barley visible as bumps beneath the material.

Her well trimmed abs and shapely waste were decorated with a mild tan and a belly piercing, short white hot pance, acting more like a belt than a pair of shorts, and best of all, her super highway legs, fit, shapely, well exercised, and lovingly coated by a pair of flesh coloured tights.

Her feet were raised on a pair of strapy high heels, which presented them like a pair of priceless, untouchable objects of desire. Needles to say my heart fluttered and my dick received a wake up call. “Sharon, wow, good to see you, come in sit down.”

She casually stood there with a gentle smile on her face. I knew that look; she was up to something. “Don’t mind if I do,” she said and took her beer from my hand and walked past me with a strong air of deliberance. I watched her legs move with that irresistible feminine charm, her but cheeks rise and fall with her hips, and her nylond feet dance their way over the ground. I was stunned. I had to quickly adjust the angle of my manhood to make room for the impending show of appreciation.

She sat herself down on the armchair directly in front of me and folded her legs, parading them both in full view. My mind struggled with the age-old dilemma, be respectable and look at her face, or damn it all and glair at her body. I hate it when girls do this, about as much as I love it. “So what brings you here?”

She took a big mouthful of booze and swallowed it down, willing me to imagine her downing another kind of pleasurable liquid. She then licked her lips and looked straight at me still with that mild smile. “Just thought I’d see how you’re getting on after Shelly buggered off.”

“Well you know life goes on, I can’t complain. To be honest I’m glad to be rid of the bitch.”

“So you’re doing alright then?”

“Yer not bad. You?”

“I’ve just split with Paul.”

“Why’s that?”

“He’s been shagging around behind my back.”

“The cunt!”

“Yep. So now I’m young free and single again just like you.” She smiled with that gleam in her deep brown eyes that all randy girls have.

“I didn’t think Paul was the type, you both seemed quite well together.”

“Well he was the type, now he’s gone.” She put the bottle to her lips and just before taking another swig; she very gently circled the tip of her tongue over the top suggestively. It was pretty obvious why she came round, and I couldn’t wait to get started.

I took a big swig with her and was about to say something, when out of the blue she said, “take my shoes off.” My heart jumped and my dick exploded into life. “Er, w, pardon?” she started tapping her right foot in the air and sat back further to look more relaxed. “Take my shoes off.”

“Ok,” I said and with shaking hands I put my beer down and knelt before her magnificent legs.

I slowly undid the fastening on the thin black strap around her ankle while taking in every detail of her nylon covered toes, trying not to drool, trying hard to keep breathing under the excitement. Her toes were inches from my face, and as I placed my left hand beneath her shoe to slide it off her foot, she pulled it back an inch to remove it herself and stroked my lips with her big toe.

I’m at a loss for words to describe how I felt at that moment, but you can sure as hell bet I was enjoying it. From where I was sitting the view was superb. A nylond leg a mile long, two big heaving knockers either side topped with her melting smile and cum to bed eyes. “I’ve been hearing some tails about you.”

“Indeed,” I said. Even though I’d had the privilege of knowing her for the past few years, we’d never really got to know each other that well, certainly not to know each others turn ones and querks. “From who?”

“Oh, a number of people.” She then crossed her legs again the other way round. If only she wasn’t wearing those hot pance at that moment. Now with her left foot in place of her right, I repeated my instruction to remove it, and again she whipped her toes from under the strap just before I managed to do it myself, and stroked my lips with her big toe. “Are you excited?” she asked.

“Hell yer,” I answered.

“Go on then. I’ve never had my feet worshiped before.”

“You’ve come to the right man.” She then held both beautiful feet before my face, and I wasted no time in getting down to something I’d always wanted to do to her for years.

My hands couldn’t get enough of her silky warm skin beneath that smooth nylon, the very mild salty odour filled me like a breath of pure fresh air, her toes and the nylon on my tongue, the feel of her soles stroking and cuddling my face, and to add to it all, she was biting her bottom lip with her eyes closed, running her free hand over her breasts, with nipples now as rock hard as my throbbing dick, oozing with lubricant, making a large wet patch in my boxers.

I licked and sucked every part of her feet then gradually work my way up her legs, paying them equal attention. By the time my face was up to her crotch, heated like an oven in anticipation, we were both already out of breath and ready to go. “Get em off,” she said, referring to her hot pance. “Yes Maam.”

I took her beer and quickly put it down by the couch then I reached around her curvaceous child bearing hips and grabbed the top of the pance, she pulled her knees up to her face, and I eased the tight pance over her round butt. I came face to face with the doorway to heaven as she spread her legs apart. Her pussy was glistening with readiness, swollen lips with her clit popping out into view, and best of all, completely, freshly shaven. “Who ever’s been talking to you,” I said, “they know me well,” then buried my face deep in her crotch and acquainted myself with her silent mouth.

She wrapped her thighs round my shoulders and crossed her legs behind my head. Judging by the sounds of joy she was making, I recon she hadn’t been laid for weeks, or at least hadn’t had a good screwing for ages. From the opposite side of the nylon she managed to enjoy a mild buzzing orgasm, but her needs were far from getting started.

She slid her fingers in the way and grabbed the material. Seconds later shed made a hole then left it to me to take over. I forced my fingers into the hole, rubbing her wet clit as it did, then tore her tights wide open. She flexed her thighs and forced my face into her pussy. For at least half an hour I was sucking, licking and fiddling about. I pride myself that she had three big buzzes in a row.

She relaxed her grip and allowed me to sit back to catch by breath (and dry my chin on my shirt sleeve). She sat forward and whipped off her crop top. To my delight, each tit dropped out and jiggled before me. My hands were already at work on them by the time her top hit the floor. She allowed me full access for a moment or two before putting my hands round her shoulders, wrapping her legs around my waste and kissing me with a passion. I never knew her tongue was that long.

As the pace of the full on snog increased she stripped me from the waste up, scratching my chest with her nails then running them down my back. I was about to reach down to unleash my weapon when she said, “swap places.” I sat down, she knelt before me, she then slowly, slowly, unfastened my belt, undid the button, “are you ready?” she said. I couldn’t speak. I just grabbed a couple of big handfuls of couch and prepared, then she undid my zip with her teeth. Her hot breath and the tip of her nose running down the shaft of my joystick. I swear it nearly exploded.

She pulled off my jeans, took off my socks, and began licking my dick over my boxers. Up and down went her tongue, and around and around and here and there, yes, there really is a god! She undid the two buttons on my boxers. She had a bit of trouble getting it to come thru the opening, being the size that it is. “Jesus,” she said stroking and squeezing it with her delicate hands. “They said you were big but, wow.”

Next I hear a sharp ripping sound, and look down to see her literally tearing my boxers from my body. I wouldn’t mind, only they cost me £5. Looking down, I see her sat between my parted legs, placing both hands around my shaft, holding my pulsing wet end just millimetres from her lips. Her hot breath alone was enough to push me to the edge. “I only do this,” she said “to very lucky boys.”

Before I could say anything, she whipped off her cap, and in it went. “Oh god! Oh Jesus!” I said. She had a mouth built for the job, a hot moist tongue with the texture of silk, lips thick and creamy, a suction that could suck a planet through drinking straw, a unique gift to use her teeth to gently stroke my most sensitive parts, and hands that grip and move like the workings of a finely tuned machine.

She started off slow, but as she felt my dick pulsate with the approach of a developing climax, she speeded up, faster, faster, faster until,… I came so hard she gagged and nearly choked, but she didn’t stop. She swallowed as much as she could, the rest tricling down my shaft and over her fingers, then kept up the interest by wanking my shaft and licking my end like an ice cream before moving her tongue to her hand, lapping and sucking up the spillage.

“I’ve heard you can fuck for hours,” she said. I just nodded, still on cloud nine. Next thing I know she’s climbing on top of me; she puts her tits in my face and rubs them everywhere. If I were to die right now, I’d die the happiest man in history.

I feel her hand grab my dick yet again, and something warm and very tight slide itself over my end. I open my eyes and look down, her bald pussy skewering itself with my meat. Now its her turn to start screaming ‘oh god! Oh Jesus yes!’ I hold her hips in my arms and move mine in rhythm with hers. Each thrust pushes my dick further into her inexperienced pussy with a dick my size. When her passage had adjusted, things got moving. It wasn’t long before she was climbing that hill to a rocket launching orgasm.

Watching and hearing her pleasure got me going all over again. Her tits brushing my face, her nylon thighs beneath my forearms, her virgin-like pussy riding my dick like a horse, oh yer baby, here we go again.

The look on her face, the quiver in her voice, her grip on my shoulders told me she was holding herself back, determined to cum with me for the big one. I could feel her passage contracting, sucking my dick in its own sort of way, I could feel her fluids running down my inner legs drenching my couch and my crotch, I couldn’t escape the mild musty smell of sex. She threw her head back and speeded up breathing deeply with a loud gasp, my cock began to harden even more and swell just that little bit bigger, I could feel it all flooding up my shaft until…bearing in mind I live in an apartment block, the people living above, beside and below me couldn’t really ignore what I was up to. When I shot my second load deep inside her exploding pussy we both screamed as we enjoyed the most intense blast we’ve had for ages.

It was one of those that last for what seams like hours. Goose bumps, hair on end, trembling limbs, buckets of sweat and other fluids, heart rate beyond danger point, vision dimmed to a swirling mix of colourful patterns, hearing clouded with tinnitus, and every nerve electrified with enough power to zap an electric chair.

For me, the buzz spread from my dick down my legs and up my body to my head. For her, it was one after another. Keeping myself stimulated, I kept on pounding. We stopped briefly to change to doggy style on the floor. Only her arse was in the air, her arms had no effort to hold her up. From there I had the view of her legs and feet and could reach round to grab her tits and squeeze them to my hearts content, and with each thrust came a new buzz deep inside her, long strands of our combined love fluids dripping from her lips.

I have been known in the past to ejaculate up to five times in one session, three was enough for her. After a good thirty-five, forty minutes she was begging me to stop. She collapsed where she knelt, unable to talk, glazed eyes, no strength and a big, and I mean big smile. All she could do was breath deep moaning breaths. I just lie on my back next to her and recover. After a while I look at her half conscious face. “Wanna beer?” she smiled, unable to answer.

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