Revenge is Sweet.


(There’s nothing like a quickie.)

It must have been a good party, cos I can’t remember a damn thing about it. What I do recall is waking up semi dressed in the middle of my mate’s living room floor in his flat. I looked around with my half conscious; half sober eyes and saw at least six people out for the count piled up on the three-seater couch, and about a dozen or more dotted around the room.

Right next to me, was a sight for saw eyes. Wearing nothing but her thong was Jo. She had her back to me, her arse in full view, and I had a boner hard enough to put a rock at Stone Henge to shame. One of the six louts on the couch was her boyfriend, Dave, a complete dick head I’ve hated for years. I’ve always wanted some way to get back at him, and this was as good a time as any other.

I sat up a bit to look at her face; she was well and truly out and about in la la land. Her perfect tits were just begging for some attention, lying there with nothing to do, so I reached round with my left hand and got myself a hand full. My dick ached with the need to fuck her, and seeing that she was lying next to me on the floor, and not splashed out with dick head suggested that perhaps I might have got lucky last night.

I stroked my hand down her side and had a good feel of her pert, round ass. Her thin thong was no challenge for my fingers as I stroked the lips of her pussy, and quickly discovered that she was nice and wet. I was horny, she was ready and unconscious, and Dave wouldn’t know a thing.

I undid my jeans and exposed my lethal weapon. I positioned myself, lifted her thong out the way, and pressed my end against her lips. She was so wet this early in the morning that she gave no resistance, except of course for my size; she was a bit of a nice tight squeeze. I placed my arm around her hips, and pushed. The feel of the ring like entrance to her vagina hugged my bellend tightly all the way down. It was so beautiful I nearly shott my load right then.

I pushed a little further and she suddenly woke up. I thought she was gonna scream or something, waking Dave and giving me a first class trip to intensive care, instead she moved her hips to an angle that gave me even better access, reached round with her long arms and welcomed me in. it was painful for her to begin with, but once I’d got myself in as far as I could she quickly got used to it.

I went in and out slowly. I could feel every detail of he passage pressing hard against my end, it wasn’t long before it started contracting, and she started climbing up that climax. She directed the speed of my thrust with her hips, but eventually she whispered, “faster,” and I’m only willing to oblige.

By now I was getting dangerously close to unloading. I had to think of the most unsexyest thoughts to hold it off, and all the time looking at Dave with a smile. Suddenly something gets moving inside her, “harder, harder,” she commands in a harsh whisper, and once again, I obey. I get a good grip around her hip with my available hand, and fuck her hard. Her body shudders, her vagina clenches my cock, and she holds her breath to keep herself quiet as she explodes deep inside.

Just as her pleasure goes into full swing she quietly commands, “CUM, CUM!” “Yes Maam,” I say, and let myself go. If it’s possible to die from physical pleasure, then I sure as hell was close to it then. Every spurt electrified my nervous system, every muscle tensed tight, and I grunted like a pig on acid. Trying to keep ourselves quiet made it even more intense.

I was still fucking her hard long after I had run out of juice. And she was still exploding. Towards the end she turned her head to kiss me with a thankful passion as I continued to pound. Then someone in the next room dropped something, disturbing Dave from his slumber. I tried hard to pull myself out, half wanting to escape as quickly as I could, half wanting to let Dave see me pounding on his girl.

“Stop now, please,” she said.

Leaving her tight pussy was difficult; I wanted to fuck her for hours. But she was done. I got up and quickly staggered to the bathroom. I supported myself over the sink and looked in the mirror facing me. The smile of victory over Dave was dominant on my face. How the hell do I do it?

No sooner had I cleaned myself up when Jo came in and locked the door behind her. She grabbed me and kissed me like she did a minute or three earlier. After a good long snog, “what’s your name?” she asked.

“Andy,” I replied.

“You want some more?”

“Hell yer!” She immediately stripped me, then took my re-erected dick in her hands and plunged my end into her mouth. Oh god, she was a master. Within minutes I was shooting another load down her throat, and she absorbed every little swimmer; then wanked me furiously to keep it up, though she didn’t have to waste her time, I wasn’t done yet.

“Let me eat you out,” I said, willing to return the favour.

“Fuck that just dick me!” she said and grabbed the sink, legs apart, ass in the air. “O.k. baby,” and once again got my dick inside that tight hole.

Here we were able to make more noise, mainly because someone else was having sex in the living room; we let ourselves go and she quickly rose to a climax. She gripped the sink as though her life depended on it as another orgasm ripped through her body as the cum from our previous encounter oozed down her inner thighs. The clapping noise I made with my hips pounding her ass was loud. Having cum twice I found it hard to reach my goal a third time.

I felt something running down my legs. I looked down to see that her pussy was spraying female ejaculate all over me. I had to slow down for this one as her sensitivity was by now very delicate, but she howled with delight, and she felt every thrust.

Gradually we grinded to a halt. She was beat; I was starving, and a little curious.

“What made you cum for seconds?” I asked.

“He started fucking my sister,” she said.

Revenge is sweat.

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