The Parlour.

(Pure filth.)

My new job at the massage parlour turned out to be far more rewarding than I ever imagined. My job is the janitor, the cleaner; the maintenance guy who keeps the place neat and tidy. My job did not involve coming into contact with any of the clients at all, but today, things were a little different.

In this particular parlour we provide a full service. For those distinguished few who can afford the highly prised membership to its private club, full on sex follows whatever pampering they come to have done.

Today one member of staff was taken ill, leaving a situation with an important female club member unattended. Nobody else was available to replace the missing masseur, so the boss asked me if I had any experience in this kind of stuff. I was honest and said that I had only massaged my girlfriends in the past and they seamed to like it. That was good enough. I was given a staff outfit to wear and told to shower and change immediately. Once ready I was lead to room 15, and told to simply go in and get started.

So there I was in room 15, nervous, not knowing what the hell I was doing, trying to find an excuse to get the hell out of there, when a woman said, “Will you please get a move on!” I heard a voice but couldn’t see the lady, then saw what looked like an Egyptian mummy resting on the recliner ahead of me. The hot wet towels were still steaming but ready to be changed. “Sorry Miss,” I said and started to peel off the heavy white towels.

I’ll tell you here that I have this thing for fine young black ladies, I don’t know why, but I’ve always found the dark female form desirable, the darker the skin the better. My jaw dropped to see a beautiful, feminine black hand resting beneath it. Suddenly I didn’t wanna leave any more. Slowly I peeled away the towels to reveal her arms, jet-black skin glistening in the light. I went wild with desire when I saw her long, athletic legs. Keeping the best bits till last, I stripped her belly, lower chest, then with a hard on throbbing in my pants, slowly peeled the towel covering her perfect round, full bodied breasts. They were huge and natural; her pitch-black nipples were erect and long enough to hang my coat on.

I drooled with the need to suck on them like a starving baby.

I very slowly peeled the towel covering her hips. Her pubes were undistinguishable from her genital flesh, and I had to take a moment to calm my self before uncovering her face. I needed to appear as professional as possible; I couldn’t afford to lose this job. “What’s with you today?” she said growing impatient. “Sorry Miss,” I said and removed the last towel from her face. God she was beautiful. Long black hair in thin braids tied up at the top of her head, jet black eyes, full blowjob lips, high cheekbones, perfection, yet puzzled. “Where’s Joey?” she asked. “Er, taken ill, I’m replacing him for now.”

“Is he alright?”

“Yer as far as I know.”

“Ok, do you know what your doing?” my mind went blank. I wasn’t trained or qualified or anything. “Er, how do you mean, exactly?”


“Oh, oh, er no, no I’m afraid I don’t I’m a last minute job.”

“Ok I need a full body massage, and a shave.” Once again my mind went blank. Shave? What the hell was she talking about? “Er, pardon me?” she raised her eyebrows. “Down below.”

She wanted me to shave her pussy, JESUS CHRIST! There really IS a god! “OH, oh yes of course sorry, er, I’m a bit, er, I mean, er, you know, er, shall we proceed?” she laughed with a pretty smile, stretching those desirable lips that I desperately wanted wrapped around my throbbing dick. She could see that I was nervous and thankfully found it amusing, which was better than her being offended.

As she got up from the recliner, moving her remarkable body like a cat on heat, giving me a clear view of her but that nearly made me shoot my load right then, she untied her hair and it fell down past her shoulder blades. I begged god to allow me to fuck her, I begged that she had booked a screw for this day like club members are able to do.

She walked like a model up to the couch and climbed onto it with slow graceful movements, for a moment I wondered if she actually was a model, then she stopped, on her hands and knees, her rear end facing me, “Are you coming?” she said.

“Oh yes,” I said,


“Be right there.” She watched as I walked up to her, shaking in my sandals, fully loaded gun in my pocket, so to speak, my face pail with nerves. She must have seen my hard on which I thought was hidden by the baggy blue pants I was wearing, as there was a knowing look on her face, and an air of deliberance to her pose, still on her hands and knees with her rear facing me. The closer I got the more I could see of her most private parts, her pussy lips in full view, the most inviting thing I ever saw. “Relax,” she said.


“I aint gonna bite.”

“That’s a pity,” I said, then realised I said it out loud. “Er, sorry, er, I’m,” she laughed again and laid down on her front. “Don’t forget the oil,” she said. “Oil, er.”

“Over there on the table.”

“Oh, right.” I got the oil then dropped it; my hands were shaking visibly. I picked it up and tried to hide my embarrassment. I stood over her naked body, oil in hand, dick to attention, and I thanked god.

I squeezed a generous amount of oil over her back, and deliberately spilled some on her but. She giggled as her skin erupted with goose bumps as the cold liquid ran down her sides. My hands still shaking, I placed them down on her black body, and began rubbing up and down, round and round and every where. I was in heaven. Her shiny dark shin glistening beneath my fingers, how I wished I was rubbing my naked bode against hers. “You’re not very experienced at this are you?”

“Er, well, er, I, er.”

“It’s ok. Press a little harder.” I did, and she began moaning and humming with relief. “You’re good,” she said. “Thanks.” Damn, her saying that made me feel great. I did all her back, her neck her shoulders, then got myself two good handfuls of butt, as I squeezed, pinched and rubbed. I had never been more turned on in my life. Then I went down the back of her legs, she was obviously a regular gym goer, or a very sporty person, as her legs, like her body, was trim, lean and shapely. I moved down to her lower legs and all the time she was groaning seductively like she was being fucked slowly. Finally her feet. There I put my fingers to good work, knowing that to really turn a girl on, a foot massage is always a guarantee.

After a while she turned round and lay on her back. The view was exquisite. Her legs, her bush, her tits, her lips between her cleavage, wow. I slowly walked up to her side and grabbed the oil. She had her eyes closed, so I paused and had a good long look. I had never seen a girl as black as her before, it was unreal. I stared and dreamed, and preyed, I lost track of time. “I’m waiting,”

“Sorry,” I said, and she smiled. Slowly I oozed the oil over her breasts. The cold oil made her nipples stand up instantly, and a shudder of excitement ran down my spine. I dribbled the oil down her belly, on her crotch, and down her thighs. I started with her stomach, soaking up every detail of her nakedness before I delighted myself with her private regions. To know that I was in a position where I was allowed to touch here all over, to feel each and every part of her body was indescribable.

Even in my wildest dreams I never imagined this. My dick was so hard it literally began to hurt. I’d spent enough time on her belly, now for her chest. I had trouble breathing as I glided my hands over her tits, rubbing, caressing, fondling, forgetting that I was supposed to be a masseur, and not some randy bugger laying my hands on some respectable lady, but she didn’t seam to mind, all the time she was moaning teasingly, and had that knowing smile in her full, pert lips. I found my face coming closer to her body, my mouth aching to get around those black succulent nipples. ”Don’t forget my legs.”

“Yes, of course,” I said, and went down. I started at the top of her thighs, moving my hands round, hypnotised by her pussy, trying not to drool on her. Getting desperate for a fuck, I purposely touch her pussy with my fingertips each time they past. She felt my breath getting hotter as I got closer, risking a court case and my job.   “I’m ready for my shave now,” she said, and I swear I had to fight to stop my dick shooting at the mere thought of being face to face with her midnight pussy, removing the hairs to a nice bald finish.

She sat up and looked down at me, close enough to kiss her pubes, I must have turned purple. She just grinned and raised an eyebrow. I got up, she sat there in silence looking at me, held up with her arms, her tits rising and falling as she breathed. I wanted to kiss her, passionately, and then fuck her to kingdom come. “W, w, er, were, were does he, er, where do you sit for that?”

“Right here.”

“Where’s the, er.”

“On the table.”

“On the table, right.” My heart was pounding so hard it nearly burst; my arms and legs were tremouring like a virgin on his first sexual encounter. I picked up the razor, how was I going to do this, I’d cut her to pieces.

“Are you ready?” she said. I turned around and she had her legs wide open, her pussy lips already shaved, just a small amount of growth and the hair at the front. I was so nervous I nearly thru up. I went to her and sprayed some shaving foam on her crotch, getting most of it everywhere else. She saw how badly my hands were shaking as I reached out to spread the foam all over her pussy. As I did, my vision went weird, my hearing turned to a rumbling noise, and I found myself molesting her pussy, touching every part of it. “You having fun?” she said.

“Jesus Christ I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to, er, please I, er.” I was in a bit of a mess, both horny and petrified, she however, she just smiled. “Oh boy,” I said, “I’ve don’t it now.”

“No you haven’t, come here.” She grabbed me and kissed me. I immediately grabbed her and pulled her to me holding her tightly. She wrapped her legs around me and gripped with amazing strength, pressing my rock like dick against her hot pussy lips, separated only by my thin pants, her hot slippery tits pressed against my chest. We kissed passionately as if our lives depended on it.

She grabbed the thin top I was wearing and tore it open, then ran her long fingernails down my chest and shoved both hands down my pants and took hold of my dick. She moved her hands up and down and I had to stop her or it would have been too late.

I force her legs open and ease her down to lie on the couch. I strip and climb on top, kneeling over her open legs and her wet pussy, shining with its natural fluids. I lower myself ready to insert my dick inside her, “me on top,” she said. “Sure,” I say and swap places. She stands over me on all fours, we kiss again, then she kisses my neck, my chest, she licks my nipples and nibbles my belly, and like a dream come true, she takes my dick in hand, and puts those fine lips to good work.

Within seconds I’m shooting my load down her throat, while enjoying the most intense orgasm I’ve had yet. She doesn’t stop until she’s sucked up every last drop, then licks, kisses and nibbles her way back up. “You done?” she asked.

“Oh no, there’s plenty more where that came from.” She smiles again.

“You wanna eat my pussy?”

“Oh god yes!” she stands over me on her knees, grabs a towel and wipes the shaving foam away. I shuffle myself down to her swollen, dripping wet pussy. I wrap my arms around her hips, gripping her butt as I dig my tongue deep into her vagina. Damn it tasted good. I suck on her lips getting as much of her black pussy in my mouth as I could before concentrating on her love spot. She’s moaning, she’s groaning, she’s ready to go, I lick that clit until the thing went saw, I sucked I rubbed, I poked, and stopped just as she was about to explode, I hoisted myself up and sat her down on my cock. DAMN she was tight, and she took herself on a ride with a one-way ticket to heaven.

Her orgasm was instant, I had to pound her pussy long and hard before I could unload with round two, by then she had already had four big ones. When round two came my dick swelled up to its fullest size, my bell end blew up like a balloon. I shot my second load deep inside her, she screamed loud, and I mean loud, I’m surprised a gang of police didn’t come charging in thinking I was killing her.

The pleasure I had with the second helping of love juice was literally amazing. Not just a buzz in my dick, but a buzz in other parts of my body. Who needs drugs when you can have sex like this!

The best of the pleasure now gone but we carried on, we didn’t stop until my dick had had enough. It was red raw, and if she was white, her pussy would look the same. She lays herself down beside me out of breath and exhausted. I lay there on the reapers doorstep with a smile on my face visible from space. We lay there, we rest, we recover, and then, “thank you,” she said. I was genuinely flattered. “Thanks.” She hugs me, and I hug her back feeling totally happy with myself.

After a while she said, “I have a confession to make.” Suddenly everything stops. My mind fears the worst, she has AIDS or something, suddenly I’m scared again. “W, er, what?”

“Joey didn’t go sick.”

“What do you mean?”

“He retired today.”

“What?” she raises herself up and looks at me with a big smile. “Happy birthday Andy.”

Christ I forgot, it’s my birthday today.

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