My Proposals.

I’ve been thinking of starting a blog for a while but kept putting it off for various reasons. Now I’ve taken the brave step of actually getting on with it I may as well commit to a certain level devotion to the amount of content I intend to deliver and to the overall quality of that content.

I’m going to fill this thing with all kinds of depravity rattling about in the old noodle box, if anything to help me clear out some junk to make room for new ideas and projects. I believe in the metaphor that a persons head is like a storehouse of knowledge and memories cluttered up with all kinds of other stuff, like stories, opinions, beliefs, schemes and ambitions, etc, etc. Everything that goes on in a persons head is stored, like objects kept in a box, but unfortunately those boxes tend to be scattered about all over the place instead of put away on the racking shelves where they should be. For a writer, much of the excess clutter is stories, and the best way to tidy it up is to open the individual boxes and deal with the content. And that, for me, is what this blog is all about. I have so much going on creatively that it’s a struggle to stay focused on one project at a time without others pestering me for attention.

Among the things I intend to write is an honest insight about what its like wrighting with dyslexia, and the constant struggles it causes me and how I go about tackling it head on. I also aim to improve my writing craft with the bombardment of short stories I’m going to produce and post here, whilst getting on with my novel projects and real life in general (and all the relentless bullshit it keeps throwing at me).

Much of the stories I’ll post will likely never be worthy of proper publication, but I’ll write them anyway simply from the sheer joy of doing so. The genre’s I’ll be covering is mainly along the Gothic themes, such as horror, mystery, and even SCI/FI. I’m a big lover of Werewolves and have plenty of tails to tell of our fury nightmare chums. (Yes, I said tails. No pun intended) I’ll also be delving into the erotic side of things as I have plenty of kinky yarns to spin.

I proudly declare that I am a life long fan of British TV sensation Doctor WHO. I have my very own Doctor and companions in mind and will be sharing their adventures to what I hope will be a dramatic and emotional conclusion when I eventually bring my Doctor’s life to an end. More on this at the relative time.

I’ll also be sharing snippits and samples of my novels at various points, not too much of course, I wouldn’t want to spoil anything for my future adoring fans.

I regularly delve into flash fiction and will be sharing my creativeness here, including my involvement with a challenging fiction game I created called Game of Words, which is a participation project where each author produces a chapter to an on going story based on purely random elements and themes. I’m currently playing with two close scribbling chums who will get full accreditation at the due time.

It looks as though I’m going to be fairly busy. On the side of the fiction stuff I’ll also create articles based on a variety of likes, dislikes, loves and hates, all the general things people like to use a blog to let off steam or share a passion, like for example, how much I’d love to kill my x-wife and the plethora of ways I could go about it, what I’d do if I won the lottery, how my life would be different if I didn’t fuck it up at various points, etc, etc.

Ultimately my overall intention is to entertain. If you like the stuff I produce then great. Enjoy it. If you don’t, then frankly what the fuck do I care. I can’t please everybody.

And there you have it. this entry is mainly a letter written to myself as a means to keep myself inspired to actually get on with it. If there were championships for procrastination, no doubt I’d be a world leader, Guinness world record holder. Its one thing to dream of doing something great, its quite another to actually get on with it, and yet another thing to keep at it until its done.

We’ll see how well I keep up with myself. Chow for now, or as it was said at the end of every episode of Count Duckular, “Good night out there, what ever you are!”


One thought on “My Proposals.”

  1. I think that’s really good it shows that you wont let haters put you down and you shouldnt I’ve had an abusive dad who hurt me to extents but you dont let them get you down your so strong so proud x


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