My Very First.

This is one of my sexy stories. There’ll be more soon.


My Very First


Some things in life you never forget. For me, one memory will always stay welded firmly to my being of the night I encountered my first truly sexual awakening.

I’m not ashamed to confess that I was only fourteen; I was young, dumb and as curious as any other boy of that awkward age. The days when a page three girl was the most fascinating thing I could imagine, and any reference to sex at all was intensely erotic. The age when my body started doing funny things and opened me up to a world of feelings, emotions and pleasures I had never previously thought possible.

It was Friday night. As usual my parents went out and left me and my little sister in the care of Jenny our babysitter, and wouldn’t be back till the small hours of the following morning. Jenny would stay over the night; she’d have an hour with my sister then put her to bed at eight. She’d then shower and spend the rest of the night in her white dressing gown and watch T.V whilst texting. Normally I’m out with my friends, but on this night I couldn’t be arsed so I stayed in.

The house was quiet. I was watching wrestling on SKY. It was a woman’s tag team match. My first thrill of the evening came when one of them had her top ripped off. My heart fluttered with mild excitement, and my winky, (my childhood name for my penis), woke up.

I watched the topless grappler intensely as she hurried from the ring with her opponents trying to pull her arms away to expose her to the world. With my hand in my pocket I was fiddling about totally absorbed, then tried to look natural as Jenny came in.

“Oh yer, what you watching?” she said and sat on the couch with a collection of things to pamper herself.

“Just wrestling,” I said, trying to hide the slight wobble in my voice and stop my legs from shaking for seeing a half naked woman on T.V.

The wrestling finished and she asked me to put Corrie on for her while she painted her toenails. With the mind numbing boredom of a soap opera together with my raging hormones meant that I wanted to go and look at my small collection of rag mags under my bed and be alone for a while. One picture in particular was on my mind, a close up of a freshly shaven pussy with the models fingers either side spreading her lips to show everything. It was a favourite of mine for a week or two and I was eager to go have a good look at it again. Instead, something else happened.

Although there was a fine chick on the TV with a tight top struggling to cover her large boobs, her nipples fairly hard and with no bra, I found myself paying more attention to Jenny and what she was doing to her feet. She was sat at the far end of the couch with her legs towards me. A glance to my right and her feet were beside me. She’d stuffed cotton between her toes and was steadily applying the dark red varnish to her perfectly cut nails.

She was lent forward, her dressing gown was slightly loose and I could see between her boobs. I was suddenly hit again with that feeling I got from the topless wrestler, only this time stronger. I got an instant hard on. This was the strongest erection I’d had yet and it hurt, plus it was caught in the folds of my underwear and pointing the wrong way. I desperately needed to adjust it but unless I left the room there was nothing I could do except try to will it to go down.

“Do us a favour,” she said, “go and put the kettle on?”

“Ok,” I stood up carefully and as discreetly as I could, turning to my left so I could hide the rod poking about in my pants.

Once in the kitchen the first thing I did was undo my jeans and unleash the beast. I was so turned on I had even began to ooze. Uncontrollably I began to masturbate, the grappler, the picture and Jenny’s cleavage were on my mind, and I was well on my way to exploding all over the dish washer, but no, I didn’t want to do it, not then. I wiped the excess fluid from my dick with a tea towel that was ready for the wash anyway then put him away, reluctantly. I put the darn kettle on then went back and take some more mental snapshots.

I got back and she had finished her nails. She was laid across the couch and hadn’t tightened her dressing gown. As I walked past I got another good view of her partly exposed chest. Her boobs weren’t really all that big, but there was enough of them to admire in a situation like this, and it was pretty obvious she wasn’t wearing a bra. She moved her feet out of the way so I could sit down by raising her knees, and she trapped her gown under her calves to cover her dignity. Now all I could see was her feet and shins. Luckily for me, she tended to fidget a lot.

For about an hour that’s all it was; feet, shins, boring girly T.V. and raging hormones, but every time she fidgeted, the grip on the gown under her legs would slacken and it would fall slightly, and as it fell I would lower myself down so she couldn’t see my face and I could grab as much of a glimpse of her (you know what) as I could, keeping my legs crossed to hide my eager boner.

By then I was desperate to have a wank and determined to get a glimpse of her sacred slit. The gown had fallen enough to make that just possible but not enough. It was driving me mad. If I didn’t see it soon I’d have to go to the little boys room to relieve myself, but then I realised something; didn’t she ask me to put the kettle on an hour ago?

Slowly and quietly I raised myself up to peek over her knees. A miracle had happened. She was asleep!

“YES! I said in a whisper, which was loud enough to affect her slightly. She moved a bit and her legs fell open. A surging rush of excitement, a pulsing dick… then dampened when I saw the front of her gown had fallen and covered everything. I honestly had to take a few deep breaths to calm myself down and I was shaking all over.

There she was, sprawled out on the couch before me, legs wide open and nothing on but that fucking gown. If I was for the first time in my fourteen-year life to see a real naked female with my own eyes, and not a picture or a video but in the flesh, then now was the time. Now, or never!

I didn’t know what to do. Obviously all I had to do was to just lift the gown out of the way and get a good gorpe, then cover her up again. Simple. Easy. I wish! I could see myself doing it, reaching down, looking, and covering. Simple I kept saying to myself, then why the fuck wasn’t I doing it. My legs were trembling and my hands were shaking. I was sweating all over and my cock was hurting and wet. There was a visible damp spot beside my zipper.

Suddenly she sighed deeply, a sign that she was really asleep now and wouldn’t feel light touches on her body, I hoped. I stood up and looked at the whole picture. Her legs bent but wide open, feet together, her chest slowly rising and falling revealing just a little more now than earlier, the tie round her waste getting looser. I knelt down beside her, her right knee before my chest. I undid my jeans and exposed myself.

With one hand taking care of business down there, my right hand slowly approached the gown covering her crotch, millimetres away from my shaking fingertips. I had a dilemma. What to look at first, tits, or fanny, with that picture still on my mind wondering if hers was just as beautiful. Being a teenager I hated having to make tough decisions. I had to make up my mind quickly as I couldn’t stop myself from milking my udder, and soon I would have to shoot my load weather I liked it or not.

I reached for her crotch, panicked slightly, then just did it. I delicately pinched the edge of the gown in my fingertips and slowly peeled it away. My heart pounding, thumping in my ears, my bell end ready to electrify itself… the corner of the other side of the gown was covering the object I desired, plus, she was wearing a thong!

I cursed to myself in my mind and had to stop rubbing my dick to prevent the sensation from coming. It was hard work; I nearly lost it. Thankfully I got away with a mild buzz and a couple of drops of spunk. Once I’d calmed down it was time to try again.

Right, this was it. This was the moment I had been waiting for. Removing the second piece of gown was easy, and oh Christ, what a view. The thong was thin, really thin. There was hardly any point in wearing it. Her labial lips were bulging round the sides but the central piece was still hidden. There weren’t any pubes. Apart from her head her body seamed totally bald. (I learned in later years that she always waxed her pussy.) I was now ready, ready to see for the first time with my own eyes the one thing man truly worships.

The thin strap was tight against her parts yet I reached my fingers forward and lightly fiddled to get a grip. The feel of her warm smooth skin, for a moment I forgot about moving the thong aside and had a light feel. Gently pressing my palm over her lips, cupping it in my hand. Now dangerously close to covering my other hand with goo, she moves. I back off and freeze. Fortunately she didn’t wake up, but unfortunately she rolled onto her right side, closed her legs with her knees up to her chest.

Damn it I thought and had to restrain myself again. By now I had oozed enough lube to make for one load and the tip of my end was getting a touch saw. Her pussy was still exposed minus the thong. Now it was even more of a challenge to catch that treasured glimpse of that holy relic. More determined and much braver I knelt down again and reached for the thong strap, this time having to reach over her legs.

I got it, at last I got it, pushing my finger between the strap and her hot fleshy lips I lightly pulled and lifted it aside. My eyes beheld a wonderful thing and my dick had had enough. I couldn’t breath as my swollen end spewed all over my hand, squirting on the couch and dripped onto the carpet. It was so intense I went dizzy for a moment as I kept myself as quiet as I could.

At last I’d done it. I couldn’t quite believe it. There it was, the coveted female pussy in all its magnificent glory. I wedged the thong over her left labial lip and stroked it, taking in every detail. Her pert round butt, slender legs and Mick Jagger lips.

Normally my dick would go down after shooting, but not this time. My pleasure wasn’t quite over yet so I carried on. Looking at her pussy I remembered all those porno clips I’d seen, and recalled how many times I’d seen men and women licking a women’s lips. I wondered what it tasted like, and what it felt like to do it.

I had to do it!

There was enough room between her heels and her pussy to fit my head. Just one lick, just one. Still playing with my dick I positioned myself while keeping an eye on her eyes. If she wakes up I’m dead. I knew I was being stupid to even try it but I had to do it. I stood up and leaned over her, carefully placed my head in position, still stroking her lips and I realised they were wet. That took my by surprise for a moment, as I moved my hand away the wet stuff stuck to my finger and made a string. Grose, but I supposed it was perfectly normal.

With my arm on the back of the couch for support and a string of spunk falling from my hand, I lowered my head, stuck out my tongue and slowly licked her crack. Whatever erection I had lost was instantly replaced. Just the once was the plan; before I knew it I was licking it up and down. The enjoyment I got for doing it was strangely satisfying, and I kept on licking, the tip of my tongue sliding deeper into her crack with its musty flavour. I found that small spot like thing I saw on the films and as they did I gave it a good fiddle.

I was absorbed in the exploration. She sighed and lifted her left leg up, spreading them both wide again. I jumped up in shock.

“OH GOD, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I, I, I, ” stood there like a prick with my spunky dick in my hand. All I could see was charges of rape and molestation. My world had just collapsed. I went to leave but she stopped me.

“Wait,” she said and grabbed my leg.

“Listen Jenny I’m really sorry, honestly, please don’t call the police please, I’m really am sorry.”

I went straight to my room and sat on my bed in a state of shock. I couldn’t believe this was happening. Only when she came into my room did I realise I was still holding my soggy rod. I was about to deliver another marathon of apologies instead she put her finger to my mouth, “sssh don’t wake your sister,” she said, then closed the door quietly behind her. She stood before me with arms folded, bathrobe closed tightly around her. “What the hell are you playing at!”

I was struck dumb, terrified and crying. “I’m sorry,” was all I could say.

“Stop crying,” she said and wiped my tears away.

“Don’t tell mum and dad, please don’t tell them.”

“Andy, look at me.” I looked up. She didn’t seam angry or offended, instead she looked sympathetic, probably because I was so upset. “I’m not going to tell anyone.” She sat down beside me. “Just tell me what you were doing?”

“I was just…”

“You just wanted to have a look, yer?”

“Yes, that’s all, I promise. I wasn’t gonna do anything else I swear.”

“Ok, ok.” She wiped more tears away and straightened my hair. “You do realise you were licking my pussy, don’t you?” I began to cry again.

“Listen, listen, I understand.”


“I understand. Don’t worry about it. Your young and curious, we all go through it.” I was puzzled at how calm she was. “I’m not angry with you for taking advantage, I should be but I’m not. Besides, I never knew you fancied me.” To be honest, I didn’t. I just wanted to have a good look.

“W, what are you going to do?” I asked. “I don’t know,” she said, “What do you think I should do?”

I was really confused. I tried to think of something to say, then she prised my hand away from my slackened knob and held it out before her. She touched the spunk with her finger then placed it on her tongue and suggestively sucked it.

I, was, stunned!

“Would you like to try again?” she said and my mind went blank. She stood in front of me, took the small towel from her head and let her hair down, untied her gown and let it fall to the ground.

Instant re-erection!!

“W, what are you doing?” I gasped. She turned round and bent right over and removed her thong. Oh god. There it was in all its glory, right in front of my face.

She faces me again, practically rubbing it against my nose. “How long have we known each other?” she said.

“Err, a, about two years.”

“We’ve both grown up a lot since then.”

“Yer,” I said.

“Give me your hand.” I gave her my spunked up fingers, then one by one she put them in her mouth and sucked them clean… I nearly died.

“Lay down,” she said and I obeyed. She pulled my jeans down and climbed over me on her hands and knees facing away from me. She shuffled her rear close to my face and curled her hand round my pride. With her pussy an inch away from my mouth, “have fun,” she said, then proceeded to tease my purple helmet with her tongue, slowly pulling my foreskin down as she did, then gave me my very first blowjob.

I licked that twat good. I couldn’t get enough of it in my mouth. What she did to me was unreal. I didn’t think I could shoot another load so soon after the last one. It was far more enjoyable and she swallowed every bit.

So you see, it was truly a night to remember. To this day I still haven’t shagged her, but Christ, she gave me the best darn blowjobs I’ve had.


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