The Goddess of Fire.

As a writer, my head is crammed full of people. This charming young lady is just one of them.

The Goddess of Fire.

The Legend.

The legends of the ancient gods are many, among those that lie almost forgotten by the modern world is of a woman called Pryah, the illegitimate daughter of Hades, god of the dead and the underworld. According to the legend known only by a few, the god Cronus, last of the Titans and the father of Hades, had a secret love child to a Demoness who possessed him with a powerful spell of lust in order to begin a breed of demigods who she intended to overthrow the ruling gods and plunge the universe into chaos.

Cronus believed he had destroyed the demoness thus ending her threat to his kingdom. Instead she escaped his wroth by taking the form of a common mortal woman and evaded her execution. She gave birth to a daughter, Portia, and empowered her with the gift of mind control. Portia was meant to seduce the gods of the universe and spawn the demigods, but her plans were ruined when the sons of Cronus, Hades, Zeus and Poseidon, over threw their father and ended the rule of the mighty Titans, forming the rule of Olympus.

Determined to carry out her duty, Portia, unknown to the new gods of the universe, set her intentions on Hades. He fell prey to the same spell that the Demoness used on his father, and thus a new breed of demigod was conceived.

The wife of Hades, Persephone, learned of Portia, and had her imprisoned along with her demon mother, in the heart of a mountain of fire, where they were condemned to burn for the rest of time. It was there that Portia gave birth to a daughter that her mother cursed the infant with the gift of fire.

In spite of her husband’s betrayal, Persephone took pity on the child, and took her from the mountain to raise her as her own.

They named her, Pyrah. And she would go on to become a legend in her own right.

As a child Pyrah was difficult with a raging temper and the inability to control her command of heat of every kind. She would often start fires for her amusement, and whenever she didn’t have her way, great waves of destruction would follow.

Hades and Persephone did everything they could to help Pyrah control her temper and contain her powers over fire, yet in vain. As a young woman she challenged her father over his partial ruler ship of the cosmos, which he shared with his two older brothers, and dared to lay claim to his throne. Enraged, Hades threw his daughter out of Olympus and exiled her to the Earth, trapped in another mountain of fire. Outraged with her defeat, Pyrah’s temper reached a new level, and she underwent a physical transformation and escaped her imprisonment.

On Earth, the legend of the Goddess, or the Demoness of fire was born.

Pyrah went on a rampage of destruction so bad, that when she saw what she was capable of she was shocked and ashamed of herself. Finally she understood what her father was trying to teach her and begged for forgiveness. Hades declared she would remain on Earth for as long as he saw fit to prove her self worthy of his forgiveness, by keeping her temper under control. She accepted her fathers judgement, yet her temper proved to be extremely challenging to contain.

Knowing of her awesome powers she tried to live a quiet life among the mortals, who inadvertently caused her much trouble. Those who followed her as a Goddess built a huge temple by a volcano and created a series of   fresh water lakes to keep her cool. Those who opposed her as a Demoness constantly plagued her with invasions and raids, trying to control her for their own ends and steel the variety of weapons she is able to forge with her hands. They also wanted the vast amount of mineral treasures she can draw from the Earth and from her body. She was kind to those loyal to her, yet they would often suffer as result of her temper.

The Woman.

In her human form she’s a hotheaded beauty with a dominant personality. She’s never far away from fresh water to help keep herself cool and all must do their up-most to please her as her temper is short and easy to rouse. Although she is a formidable woman to be around her heart is strong and her passion is great, yet when angered she will not think twice when delivering her punishment.

As a woman she is striking to look upon. Tall and curvaceous with dazzling flame blue eyes glaring from a stern expression. Her long red hair with yellow and orange streaks hangs freely and her sense of dress is loose and flowing even on the coldest of days. Softly spoken she is a woman of few words, yet her tongue can lash as cruelly as a savage whip, and her words can stab like a sharpened sword. When angered her voice is as thunder, and when enraged she will undergo a terrifying transformation that could leave thousands dead and reduce kingdoms and empires to ash.

Her skin is hot to the touch, constantly glittering with perspiration that drips from her body and collects as mineral deposits of the highest quality. It is believed she can cry tears of diamonds, her blood, though rarely spilt, may form the purest of red rubies. Her command of heat is such that she can melt rock in the palm of her hand and draw the valuable substances from it.

She can forge weapons with her bare hands that many will fight bloody wars to attain. Weapons blessed with sacred powers that make the wielder invisible in battle, thus she hides them in far off lands and unknown places where mortal men may never find them. There are those who believe she may have created Excalibur.

As a woman she has needs, yet as an immortal, only another being of equal nature may deliver the satisfaction she craves. When she makes love the ground burns, the Earth will quake and volcanoes will erupt.

When her temper is challenged, she will change from a striking woman to a blazing inferno of tremendous power. Her pretty blue eyes will turn to a bright yellow, her hair will turn thick and wild, her breath will turn hot enough to start fires, her clothing will smoulder then burst into flames, leaving her naked. Her skin turns red with the growing heat, her eyes begin to glow brightly, her hair becomes a blaze and from her back, two sheets of fire form wings that she can use to fly and to flap waves of intense heat in any way she pleases.

The ground beneath her feet glows with her heat and she leaves glowing-hot footprints wherever she treads. Her red skin will ignite until it becomes like molten larva, her eyes shine as brightly as the sun, she can throw fire a great distance and spit jets of flame from her mouth. She can focus her heat to destroy anything she pleases, she can summon the fires from the depths of the Earth and destroy vast areas of land, for she is the heart of a volcano, from thus she was born.

To return to human form she must slowly submerge herself in fresh water, first by tentatively stepping her toes into it, instantly making it boil and hiss. As she guides herself in her skin returns to a healthier colour as thick clouds of steam surround her. Her wings vanish in a puff of smoke as she goes under the surface, later to immerge as the stunning beauty she was before.

Her History.

Her time on Earth was brief. Interacting with the mortals was often to challenging for her levels of control. As mortal men continually fort bloody wars against each other, Pyrarh’s peace was equally disturbed.

Tyrants, warlords and dictators demanded she join them in their pointless battles and create weapons for them to use.

Of the weapons she had already made and hidden all over the world, those that were found were used slaughter vast hordes of people, and others were used to invade her kingdom and wielded against her.

The result, as you can easily imagine, was a scene of total devastation.

The Gods of Olympus demanded Hades did something before she destroyed the Earth in a tremendous rage. Hades agreed, yet he knew he would anger Pyrah for crossing her. So he exiled her again to a place where she would burn freely and bring no harm to anyone, mortal or otherwise.

Pyrah was imprisoned in the heart of the sun, where she will remain until the day her fiery rage reaches out, and reduces the Earth to dust. Until then, only a privileged few know how to summon her to the Earth for brief periods, but only if their reasons are worthy of her power. If not, she will destroy them. The last time the Earth felt her touch was the day the city of Pompeii was destroyed.

When ever you feel the heat of the sun, or the burning touch of fire, Pyrah is reaching out from her imprisonment, searching for the one with the knowledge of how to free her before the end of time. Heat waves and solar flairs and subtle reminders of her uncontrollable powers.

Her subjects.

Just in case you were wondering how her devoted followers went out of their way to please her, they did so simply with music, art and tranquillity. Her kingdom was by far the quietest ever on Earth. With blissful silence she could meditate and with soothing music she was at peace. It was the only time when anyone could see her smile. If her radiant beauty wasn’t a heavenly sight to behold, her smile could melt the coldest of hearts and enlighten the darkest of souls. At times she craved entertainment in the form of humour, song and dance.

Her army were more concerned with keeping the peace than fighting to defend her honour, which they often did. The weapons she could make seduced many potential invaders as well as the precious jewels she loved to create and collect. She herself was also seen as a potential weapon for various power hungry people. With Pyrah by their side they could invade, rape and pillage without fail. They all greatly underestimated her.

Her enduring legacy.

She could never be burnt for she IS fire in all its forms. Try to burn her at the stake and she’ll save you the trouble; then barbecue every living soul within a ten-mile radius.

Although she was imprisoned in the heart of the sun for the rest of eternity, she can be summoned to visit the Earth for brief spells of time by those with the secret knowledge. If she disagrees with their summoning, death and destruction swiftly follows.

Foolish, arrogant, meddling Romans, idiotic mortal men believing themselves to be gods, thought they could summon and control her to do their bidding. This was the day Pompeii was destroyed by a freak volcanic eruption that was remembered for the rest of history.

The most recent attempt was as late as the 20th centaury, when the Nazi’s tried to gather the physical elements needed to conjure her presence. Under the delusions of Hitler who sent his experts to search for her weapons, history is thankful they failed to find them.

Through the ages of man, Pyrah’s name fell into the obscurity of legend. Each civilisation worshipped her in their own ways; one story misinterpreted as many times as it was handed down through generations. The Aztecs regarded her as the sun god, as did the Egyptians. Today the old gods and demons of antiquity are mere stories. Many were left to be forgotten for the best of reasons.

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