My #200WT Page 4.

The following under a theme that had something to do with feet. I can’t remember the exact theme, so I’ll just call it,

Happy Feet.

I sprawl out on the couch and rest my feet on his lap. He has that knowing smile as he slips off my shoes and wraps his warm strong hands around them, firmly squeezing the tension away, easing my soles with his thumbs in circular motions as I sink ever deeper into the couch from his magical touch.

He presses my toes between his fingers and I drift away into another world. He’s stroking my feet without tickling sending shivers through my nervous system, I can’t deny that its turning me on as I feel his lips, kissing from heel to toe paying equal attention to them both.

Ripples of lust run through me as he suckles my toes and wriggles his tongue between them, stroking his face with my soles. By now I’m a lump of liquid lust completely at his mercy, unable to stop him removing my underwear and driving those sweet kisses down below, to suckle my diamond and my aching nipples in the same kind of way. He kisses my feet again as he penetrates deep inside me; delivering a deposit of love that helps me sleep long into the night curled up in his arms.

 *  *  *

My mother always said I was going to be a dancer. As soon as I was up on my feet I was on the move. Dancing is in my blood. Even when I’m sat down I’m moving; I just can’t stop myself.

I joined a ballet school when I was three and immediately excelled in every area of it. By five I was already winning awards and competing all over the country. At seven I discovered ice-skating and I fell in love all over again.

My dream was to combine the two, create a new style and rule the world… then it happened. Only nine years old, full of hopes and dreams, when the car is hit by a drunken woman whilst on the way to a contest. I wake up several days later… my left leg in a cast, my right leg was missing. They say it took over an hour to stop me screaming.

Apparently the woman was trying to kill herself, she survived with minor wounds and a guilty conscience. My passion for dance still burns deep within me like a raging inferno. I will dance again! Just watch me! Nothing but death himself will stop me!

 *  *  *

Two girls meet in a café for lunch.

“How’s it going with that guy?”


“You know, that bit of eye candy I saw you with the other weekend?”

“Oh, Carlos? Naa”

“Really? You were all over each other?”

“Just a brief encounter that’s all.”

“Your smile suggests otherwise.”

“Oh he’s good don’t get me wrong, but, there’s nothing there.”


“I’m not lying. He’s just not my type.”

“You’re so damn picky.”

“You’ve met him, what do you think of him?”

“He seams a little shy.”

“How do you mean?”

“We only spoke for like, two minutes, and all the time he kept his eyes to the floor.”

“He’s not shy, believe me.”

“Shy people can’t keep eye contact. Why are you giggling.”

“He was lusting over your feet.”

“What! Ewwww! My feet?”

“Yer, he has a fetish.”

“That’s disgusting.”

“Exactly what I thought at first.”


“Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. That’s all I’m saying.”


“Go ahead try it.”

“I can’t believe your giving him away.”

“Like I said, he’s not my type, but, I think he really likes you.”

“But what about you?”

“Don’t worry. I’ve got a hot date lined up.”

 *  *  *

You hear about love at first sight all the time, she was the world to me. Her wild nature, sharp wit, an uncontrollable sense of adventure, she was just fun and unique in every way, right down to the dragon tattoo across the top of her feet that I’d later use to identify her body.

I was sent over to exterminate a creature causing havoc in a rural region, that’s my job. I’m a specialist, make the kill, clean the scene and remove the body before people have a clue, protect the public from what they shouldn’t know. That’s how we met, a specialist from another agency. Although it went against regulations of not getting involved with anyone on the job, we made quite a team. For the first time in my life I’d met someone that I couldn’t imagine life without. Now here she was on the slab, riddled with the bullets that I put in her.

Slowly things are beginning to make sense. Why the hell didn’t she tell me! There’s no cure for Lycanthropey, but there is a sanctuary! In the movies they say the beast cannot kill their one true love, but what about the other way round? What then?

 *  *  *

At times my job puts me in some tricky situations. I’m following a lead to catch an infamous thief called The Ghost, setting new standards for evasion and out smarting the most high tech equipment.

I felt I knew his identity but I needed evidence. So there I am, under the bed of Queen Maria acting on a tip off the thief wants her diamond tiara, worth a cool billion. I’m snooping around when the Ghost enters the room. I hide beneath the bed; it’s too soon to make a move. All I can see of him is his bare feet… or rather, her feet, with a solid gold toe ring on each foot. I was wrong!

I desperately needed to see her face but I dare not blow my cover. Damn it!!

Later that evening I have the honour of meeting the Princess at the Royal ball. She’s beautiful and decorated with bling from head to toe, from a shockingly expensive dress to her solid gold toe rings. Its strange how much her feet look just like the…

This was gonna be the bust of my career. The FBI and CIA are just gonna have to wait a little longer.

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