My #200WT Page 5.

This is the uncategorised page. I simply cannot remember the theme to which these stories were inspired. Oh well.

My Invisible Kingdom.

One of the joys of having kids is being reminded that once I had an unlimited imagination. I used to live by some fields. They were large and empty, just areas of wasteland, but to me, it was a kingdom with thousands of people under my rule, with a giant castle that I battled to defend everyday.

My boys weren’t as adventurous as I was, but my grandson just loves being outside, instead of wasting his youth playing games on the consol. Where I live now isn’t far from an area of land that he goes to when ever they visit. One day he took me there to see the imaginary house he’d built and meet the people he’d created to run it. It was almost like being taken back in time to meet my younger self.

Soon after I went back to visit my old hometown, those wide-open fields are gone now. In just a few short years another town was built on them. My kingdom was gone. Where my castle once stood was now a town hall, and where my wizard used to live is now a community centre. It’s strangely ironic, but to me, I’m still the king.

 *  *  *

Sometimes I stop and think, did I do the right thing, could there have been another way? Other times it all comes crashing down and I’m reduced to tears. I’ll never forget what I did, but neither can I bring myself to regret it. All I have to do is look around me to realise that in spite of it all, it was worth it.

Given the chance to go back in time and do it again, although it breaks my heart to say it, I’d do exactly the same! I’d have to! Anyone in that position would have done it, without question.

If I didn’t…things today would be very different. I wouldn’t be here to talk about it and you wouldn’t be here to listen… There was no other way! And god alone knows how I wish, and I’ll take that wish to my grave, that there could have been an alternative… Hundreds of thousands died so that the rest of us could live.

Then I see the state of the world today, the injustice, the lack of respect, the people suffering under the greed and corruption. I sometimes wonder; would we have been better off if I didn’t?

 *  *  *

Alone in the middle of the ocean stuck in a small boat, no food, no water, no hope. Three days after the ship went down my sanity was exhausted. I lay there accepting that this was it, Death my only companion, sitting on the edge of the boat slowly sharpening his scythe, taunting me with that toothy grin.

My stomach growled with such fury it hurt. I close my eyes, probably for the last time; then I hear a wet thud, something cold and slimy against my leg. A fish, a big one, with a primitive sort of spear through it made of bone. I had no means to cook it, so I ate it raw. Revolting, but a lifesaver.

That’s how it was for the next ten days. A fish, skewered with that odd spear just plopped into the boat. I franticly try and see where they’re coming from but I never get a glimpse.

I’m rescued by a passing ship shortly before a storm that would have drowned me, the crew ask how I survived, I tell them and none of us could make any sense of it. I’m just thankful to who ever or what ever it was.

 *  *  *

It was the last chance of peace, one final attempt to prevent a war of a biblical scale. Untold thousands had already died in both plotted and random attacks all over the world, clear deliberate attempts to cause conflict.

The only hope was a compromise between the perpetrators and the rest of humanity. A new political body was formed in the ever growing fight against terrorism, seeing for the first time in history, nation after nation putting aside their differences to fight for a single cause, far worse than the Nazi’s ever was.

The president of this body agreed to meet with the leader of the opposing side. Security was through the roof. Every inch of the hotel was scrutinised several times, every person investigated. His room was the safest place on Earth. When he was found dead the following morning, war was inevitable.

For ten years the world burned. With tensions stretched to breaking point, accusations took precedence over rational thinking and the guns started firing before the questions were asked.

Mankind almost made himself extinct over a simple oversight. Not the opposition performing an assassination, but an undiagnosed heart condition.

Perhaps mankind deserves to die out.

 *  *  *

Don’t get me wrong, death is a horrible thing and there’s no way I’d promote it or condone things like murder or suicide, but, being dead is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I’m free to do what ever I want, go anywhere, no one can hurt me any more. The worst has already happened so I have nothing left to fear.

Being a ghost is a practical jokers dream come true. Honestly. I’ve never laughed so much in my life; pardon the pun. You see; nobody can see me so I just can’t resist. I love ghost hunters; they’re the best. If I don’t make at least one of them piss their pants then I’m slacking.

Once there was this medium, a fake, charged outrageous sums to prey on people’s vulnerabilities. He was with a film crew making him self look important. I waited for his moment then dropped his pants, exposed him on live T.V. if I wasn’t already dead I’d have died laughing.

Sometimes I haunt people for the fun of it. You might think me cruel but to be honest, there’s more meaning to my existence now than in life.

Cherish your life. Don’t waste it like I did. The sad thing is there’s no coming back.

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