“What is it about feet that turns you on so much? I mean, why are they so sexy to you?”

“I honestly haven’t the foggiest idea. I mean, of all the parts on a girl’s body to draw my attention, like the tits, ass, legs, you know, the usual areas that makes perfect sense to find attractive, I’ve gotta check out the feet as well.”

“But why?”

“Like I said I don’t know. I could be standing before the most desirable woman I could imagine, everything that I as a straight red blooded guy would lust for, but if her feet aren’t up to my personal preference, then I’m happy for her to go to the next guy.”

            “So what is it that you like about them?”

“First of all they must be clean. I’m not into dirty feet in any way. I know there’s plenty of people out there who get off on foot odour and filthy soles, but not me. Personal hygiene is a big point when it comes to intimacy. Her toes must be straight, no bunions or swollen knuckles owing to the damage caused by fashionable footwear. I don’t mind a girl in heels but please, make them open toe to spare the discomfort and the potential harm to your toes just to look good.”

“But I love my heels.”

“I mean seriously, if an item of clothing is uncomfortable or painful you’d take it off, right? And never wear it again, so why do women force themselves to endure tremendous pain and suffering just to look attractive in the name of fashion? If I were a girl I wouldn’t do it, but then it’s easy for me to say that ‘cause I’m just a guy.’”

“ So, the toes must be straight and unchallenged by fancy shoes of any kind?”


“Ok, what else?”

“The toenails must be short and again it’s a hygiene thing. You’d never put someone’s finger in your mouth if the nails were filthy.”

“Fuck no!”

“God knows what’s incubating under there and whatever it is you don’t want it inside you. It’s the same for feet, dirt gets under the toe nails just the same and germs love it under there. Besides, I really like it when I can see the skin on the tip of her toes around the front of the nail. It just looks so cute. It’s also a little bit of a safety issue.”

“How do you mean?”

 “If I’ve got her toes in my mouth with long nails like claws I’m likely to cut or scrape my pallet.”

“Her toes?”

“I’m generalising. Don’t worry. Anyway, this would cause discomfort for several days and runs the risk of oral infections. So please, keep them trimmed as short as you can comfortably get them.”

“Ok. What else?”

“She must have arches. Some girls have what’s called flat feet, flat, shapeless and boring. I don’t know what it is about the arch but it must be there forming a curve between the ball and the heel. The toes don’t have to be long; they can be short and stubby so long as they look cute, although I do prefer long toes. The toe fan must have a distinctive curve to them, and not a straight line like all her toes are the same length. The overall condition must be good. Not bony or chubby, no hard skin or prominent veins. And of course she cannot have any foot related medical issues like corns, verrucas, athlete’s foot, etc, etc. Her ankles must flow from her feet to her legs. Some girls have bulky ankles due to them having thick bones and it just doesn’t look right. Even if her feet are good, bulky ankles ruin it. Her soles mustn’t be too fleshy, I mean, wrinkles on her soles are ok unless they’re too wrinkly. I like the skin on her feet to be smooth and slender.”

            “Ok so that’s the criteria, explain the theory.”

“Ah, I see it like this; female feet are far more attractive than male. Male feet are bulky and bulbous by comparison, and trust me; it’s only the female feet that I like. I’ve often said that there’s just as much of a woman in her feet than there is in the rest of her body. If viewed from the side, where her calf leads to the heel, and the heel leads to the toes it kind-a reminds me of the arch in her spine. If the heel represents her but and the calf is her back, the shape resembles the spinal arch which is another attractive feature in the female form; whereas the top of her foot represents her flat belly ready and waiting to be impregnated to bear young.”


“When she puts her feet together, viewed from beneath, the arches create a shape similar to her labia. Maybe this is why guys with a foot fetish enjoy using her arches to stroke him off. If you’ve never heard of a foot job, look it up. You’d be surprised what a girl can do with her feet to please her man, or a woman for that matter.”

“I’ll take your word for it. So what effect does a perfect pair of feet do to you?”

“Looking upon a girls toes has the same effect on me as I’d have looking at her exposed breasts. I, like most men, enjoy suckling her nipples during sex. It’s a subconscious throw back to infancy when dinner time meant titty time. To me, the toes are the focal point of the feet as much as the nipples are the focal point of the breast, so maybe my subconscious mind associates toes as the same as her nipples. Then there’s the thing called tow cleavage. This is where a woman wears a pair of shoes specially designed to expose the upper section of her toes to look like a row of cleavages. I mean, think of a girl wearing a low cut top that holds her boobies together forming that irresistible crevasse between them. Now imagine she has five boobs instead of the regular two. There’d be four cleavages. Motorboat overdrive! I still have no idea why foot fetishists have the need to put them in their mouth, so I can only assume it must be related to the primal memory of breast feeding, but, don’t quote me on that.”

“Do you consider a woman’s feet to be an important part of her sexuality?”

“Of course I do. A woman’s feet have just as much curves and shapes that make up the curves of her body. I mean, imagine her legs without them. How different would that be? It’s because of her feet that her legs get their shape and design that us men go nuts for. As she walks her legs are getting the exercise they need to carry her weight around and in doing so, the muscles of her legs are being shaped into those eye catching calves and lust inducing thighs. Walking also shapes the gluts giving her that round ass we love so much. Without them she’d have trouble getting about and would probably have to crawl on hands and knees. As for making her easier to have sex with I suppose that would give us an advantage if she isn’t able to run away, yet her legs will be nothing but skinny shapeless appendages with raw knees, bruises, grazes and so forth. Plus, she wouldn’t be much good to anyone of she isn’t able to get about, so be thankful she has them.”

“So aside from a basic mode of transport, what else should I know about them?”

“Feet are also a very important element in magic.”

“Really, how?”

“Witches are known to perform their most powerful spells whilst dancing naked around a bon fire. Their nudity is believed to help them get in touch with Mother Earth to gain access to the energies they need for the spells and hexes. It’s a little known secret in the art of witchcraft that a witch’s feet are what draws the powers and energies into her being. As she stands bare foot on the naked ground she’s connected to the Earth, thus the forces can flow through her to control.

“Occult practitioners down the ages have understood the importance of the soles. It’s the one part of the body in almost constant contact with the ground. The foot of a plant is its roots that reach into the Earth like umbilical cords and tap into the life enhancing nutrition and energies our planet provides. We gain energy from the sun and our surroundings. Much of the food we eat was grown therefore we take from the food what the food took from the earth. Before Christianity came along, our ancestors believed that the souls of the dead went underground after death, and kept in touch with the living via the sole of the feet. Of course this would make for a lot of dirty feet down the ages, but that hasn’t stopped foot fetish being with us throughout our evolution. It’s only in more recent times its come into prevalence with the healthier, more hygienic lifestyles we live. At least that’s what I think.”

“Can you share some experiences of indulging your fetish?”  

            “Several girls in my life have let me worship her feet. Some were up for it; others found it weird and required a little persuasion to let me at them. Once she did, she soon found it to be a pleasant experience that ultimately enhanced the sex that followed, making her more relaxed and receptive to the pleasure I gave her. Most girls love the idea of having a man at her feet, it makes her feel empowered, and of course for me it really turns me on so it’s beneficial both ways.”

            “So how do you approach the subject? Do you go straight in or do you give her some kind of prior warning?”

“I’m up front. I’ll make it clear to a girl I find her feet sexy. She’ll either go with it or be grossed out.”

“If she’s grossed out how do you handle it?”

“I can be very persuasive. If she really doesn’t want me to touch her feet then ok I’ll let them be. But often a girl will ask me what it is about them I find so sexy? My reply is always this, ask anyone with a fetish the same question and your likely to get the same answer; I haven’t the faintest idea. In a way I consider myself lucky to have it as it gives me more of a woman to enjoy, plus, whether you like feet or not, using them as part of your foreplay methods is always a good thing. Feet, like breasts, are concentrated nerve zones; making them powerful erogenous zones. This is why they’re so ticklish. In fact, the more ticklish the better, so the secret is how to handle them as sexual organs. A straight forward massage is a basic method to begin with; pressing out her stresses and frustrations causing her to relax deeply. Back and shoulders are also good areas to try, but the feet are powerful tools to turn her to jelly. As for which areas of the foot are more sensitive to stimulation all depends on the girl. The fun is finding out.”

“My feet are extremely ticklish.”

            “Some girl’s feet are more ticklish than others and these chicks often hate having them touched.”

            “Like me.”

“Yes, so to handle her feet in sensuous ways requires a gentle approach that stimulates the nerves without the tickling. I want to use them to turn her on, not get kicked in the face. To achieve this use the whole of my hands to rub and caress, this will begin the massage and start to put her in a good mood, also, it de-sensitises the nerves slightly so they’re not so ticklish. They I can move on to a more gentler touch that won’t cause a violent reaction when I get close enough to use the mouth. I start by kissing her feet all over. By now she should be a woman shaped lump of horny jelly ready to be taken off to the land of bliss. I playfully experiment to see how to get the tongue involved without the tickle reflex kicking in, literally. Some girls love having it wriggled between her toes, others like long licks over the arches and up the soles. Some girls love having her toes suckled either entirely or just the pads. Again, I experiment, but above I always make sure we both have fun. Sex isn’t just about reproduction.”    

“So how much pleasure can a girl get from her feet?”

“The potential is endless. For those familiar with the practise of reflexology will know that a foot massage can do wonders for a woman, even bring her to orgasm if you have the right touch and know where to stimulate. This may not work for every girl but most girls are capable of being manipulated to a shudder of sexual stimulation via her soles and toes. Again, the fun is in the foreplay. Finding out how a girl can cum with a foot massage will no doubt lead to lots of kinky sex in the process of discovery.”

“Have you ever made a girl cum via her feet?”

“Actually I have. I’ve been practicing reflexology for several years and on a couple of occasions I managed to give her a little more than she expected.”

“I’ll have to try it out sometime.”

“Hey you know where to find me.”

“So how about ladies leg wear? Are you a nylons kind of man or bare legs?”

“Nylons. Stockings, tights, pantyhose, my double barrel fetish means that I have as much of a love for ladies in nylon as I have for the tootsies. My personal preference is sheer; I like to be able to see right through them. Opaque tights are sexy, but if I can’t see the toes beneath the material it doesn’t have as much the same effect on me. Nude to tan colours are my favourite but I won’t say no to black, white or red.”

“Ok so what is it about the nylons that drives you wild?”

“All a girl has to do is show she’s wearing a pair of nylons and I’m captivated. I love the look, the silky smooth feel, the way it stretches tightly over the contours of her legs, covering her feet with the slight concealment that takes her just one step away from nudity. A naked woman is a wonderful vision to behold, but if she’s wearing something to cover herself up just a little, it somehow makes her more desirable, holding on to that little bit of mystery that makes you desperate to see more.”

“Stockings or tights?”

“Either. If she’s wearing it I’m up for it. Nylons usually have a reinforced toe; this makes it a slightly darker patch that covers her toes. This patch must be neatly and evenly placed to get my fullest attention. If she’s just pulled them on and not straightened them up, it makes it less attractive; I don’t know, it just looks messy. I just wanna take hold of her feet and level the material out.”

“What about fishnets?”

“Oh hell yes! Absolutely. Most people enjoy watching her remove the stocking from her legs, slowly unfastening the tops from the belt straps and seductively sliding the stocking down her leg. I’m to opposite, I much prefer watching her put them on, bunching the material over her thumbs, reaching down to slip it over her toes, past her heel, then up to the top of her thighs, making sure they’re straight and taught with no loose areas, no wrinkles. Damn.”

“You’re getting a little flustered.”

“Yeah; all this talk about nylons and pretty girls. Woman the world over know exactly how to use her feminine features to control and manipulate us guys to behave exactly the way they want. It all comes down to her hair, her smile, boobs, but, legs, but the woman who knows of the power of her feet is fully equipped have her witchy ways with the world. Her feet are focal points and even people without a foot fetish, or those who don’t think they have an admiration for her lower extremities, will be brought under her seductive persuasion, at least to a limited extent.”

“I know that foot odour is a big thing with foot fetishists, so why do you prefer the cleaner variety?”

“As for those who love the smell, personally I don‘t get it, yet I suppose I can understand that odours play a big part in sexual stimulation, and the people who get off on her smelly feet are getting a hit from the natural pheromones developed by the bacteria breeding in her sweat.”


“Exactly. One theory I came across is the representation of her legs and feet to a flower. Every flower has two types of pollen, male and female. The male pollen is always at the base of the flower; whereas the female pollen is kept away from it at the end of a long stamen or two. This is always the visible pollen that does all the work to attract the insects to pay a visit. This is achieved by the female pollen emitting a strong scent that the bugs find irresistible. So the petals of the flower is the skirt or dress the Lady is wearing, brightly coloured to attract attention. The stamen are her legs, her feet is the female pollen. So the idea that foot odour acts like a flower by making a scent to attract a means by which to answer a calling of nature. It ain’t for me but, each to their own I suppose.”

“Has having a foot fetish gone against you in any way? Have you ever been embarrassed or humiliated by it?”

“I consider myself lucky. When I look at the vast variety of fetishes out there I’m glad I have something seemingly normal by comparison. Seriously, there are people out there attracted to nostrils, arm pits, knees, ear lobes, etc, etc. Anything can be a fetish. There’s a man sexually attracted to his car. There’s a woman who married a chunk of the Berlin wall. There are people who have sex with animals, dead bodies, old people, young people, machines, balloons, excrement! This list could go on forever and that’s without delving into the bizarre world of fantasy fetish, like having sex with giants, fairy folk, monsters of all kinds, aliens, cartoon and comic book characters, etc, etc. I’ll stick to the ladies feet thanks. At least their grounded in reality and often leads to a session of great sex.”

“How did you discover your love for feet?”

“It all goes back to my days at school. I was either eleven or twelve, already going through puberty and beginning to discover my sexuality and looking at girls in a different way. One particular day towards the end of summer term is a day I’ll remember for the rest of my life. One girl who I never really noticed before, decided to come to school dressed more like a secretary than a regular pupil. This included a short-ish skirt, jacket and shirt, and, a pair of tan tights. The first thing to catch my eye was of course the tights. She had quite a set of pins for the time and probably still does now all these years later, and for some reason I found myself unable not to look at her legs. Until that day I’d never really paid much attention to legs, so I believe it was that fateful afternoon that started it all off for me. Anyway, the shoes she wore that day must have been uncomfortable as she spent most of the day walking around with them in her hands. It wasn’t until last break in the afternoon that my attention was fully captured, all she did was walk past me in the play ground and my eyes were transfixed on her dainty toes. I remember asking myself, ‘why am I staring at her feet?’”

“Did she notice you were staring?”

“No thankfully.”

“Was she a girl you were friendly with in school?”  

“I never knew her name, I wasn’t lucky or brave enough to talk to her in any way; I was extremely shy when it came to the opposite sex in those days, believe it or not, but that girl awakened something in me that afternoon that’s stayed with me to this day. It was only a fleeting series of moments as she just walked past me, but in those moments time seemed to play out much slower than the rest of the day, and I watched transfixed as her perfect nylon feet passed me by. The sight of her toes beneath the nylon, the overall shape and design of her legs and feet, the glimpse of her soles as she walked away with each step. It was a vision that haunted me for much of the summer and I wondered if I was beginning to lose it. I mean, her feet for fuck sake! She had a curvy figure and a generous chest for her age, all the boys were focussing on her boobs and there I was drooling over her feet.”

“How about the first time you managed to touch a girls feet?”

“That didn’t happen until many years later. I mostly kept it to myself as I was embarrassed about it, then after a few short lived relationships I decided with one girl, what the hell, she had great feet. She was a little apprehensious at first but once she came round to the idea she fully embraced it.”

“So how exactly do you go about using her feet in your foreplay?”

“You know, some things are better explained by actions than by words.”

“Are you offering me a foot massage?”

“Indeed I am, especially since you’ve been sitting there with your feet on my lap all this time.”

“A girl’s gotta get your attention somehow.”

“Did you bring nylons?”

“A variety.”

“Then lets go.”

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