I was born tomorrow but yesterday I died.
My life is never ending yet I never find the time.
My days are full of moments passing by before my eyes.
How I long to stand and hold them, wonder how I have survived.
My future may have happened but my past has yet to be.
Somewhere in the middle where I wonder aimlessly.
Looking for the answers life has hidden far from me.
The purpose of my being will remain a mystery.
Somewhere in the chaos is a place for me to be.
Looking for a needle in the unforgiving sea.
Travelling forever with the need for company.
Passing through the ages as they fly relentlessly.
The whole of my existence will repeat itself again.
The end is the beginning, the beginning is the end.
Has this always happened am I going round the bend?
Perhaps I’ve had enough now, growing eager to ascend.
Of all the things I’ve wanted on my quest throughout the ages.
A sense of true belonging, instead of turning empty pages.
A means of which to know me when I leave the many places.
A nameless reputation shared among my many faces.
Am I man or woman do I have an outward form?
Am I flesh and blood or was I ever really born?
Do I have a purpose I was put here to perform?
Can I find a meaning where there wasn’t one before?
Am I fact or fiction just a character creation?
Am I just a figment of obscure imagination?
Can I take control of the story set in motion?
Do I have free will or will I find myself mistaken?
Yesterday I died but tomorrow I was born.
Today I’m stuck in limbo but I have no time to mourn.
I’m trying to remember if I’ve done this all before.
Perhaps I’ll do it better if I reach this point once more.

A,R. Lord Stabdagger 2019

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